Tour 2014


1. March 22nd: Austin, Texas with Baby Earth
2. April 24th: Livingston, New Jersey with Nesalee Baby
3. June 3rd: Seattle, Washington with tottini
4 June 5th: Portland, Oregon with Posh Baby
5. June 28th: Ann Arbor, MI with Elephant Ears
6. July 24th : Boston, MA with Magic Beans
7. August 25th: Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN with Baby Grand
8. August 27th-28th: Chicago, IL with Galt Baby
9. September 18th: Atlanta, GA with New Baby Products
10. October 14th: San Francisco, CA with Sprout San Francisco and others
11. October 16th: Los Angeles, CA with Juvenile Shop
12. November 5th: Miami, FL with Tutti Bambini

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